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Learn how to become a productive software developer.

Hi there! I am Petr and I have been creating software for more than 12 years as a development lead, software developer and quality engineer. I learned a lot working in different teams and on different products. I spent years researching the best practices, development tools and techniques to stay on top of the game.

Software development is much more than just programming. In this book, you'll learn how to be more efficient while creating software, and take your skills to the next level.

Get the book below or reach me at petr@stribny.name if you have any questions.

What you'll learn

Programming languages

How to use technology to your advantage

Command line

How to setup a productive CLI environment

Writing code

How to write code using interactive computing or AI


How to find bugs and fix them


How to test functionality, security, performance

Development tools

The best tools on the market today


Modern software development lifecycle


How to collaborate in teams

Product specification

How to write good specs


Create amazing documentation

Software estimation

Practical estimations for developers

Working smarter

Achieving more with less

Is it for me?


You can write code already, but you don't have much experience with real-world software development projects? Do you want to know how the best developers work and think? You will get a book that can stay with you as you grow as a developer. Great for multiple reads.


If you have been 2-5 years in software development and want to improve your craft, become a senior developer or team lead, this book is for you.


You have probably seen 80 % of the stuff covered in the book. Get the book for the last twenty. It will also serve as a nice summary or as a material for teaching others.

Questions & answers

How is this book different?

There isn't any other book that would focus on efficient software development techniques, processes and tools of a modern software development in one comprehensive package. Other books are usually more specialized on one of the underlying topics or are programming books, while Efficient developer is a software development book.

What technologies are discussed in the book?

The book is not tied to any particular development ecosystem and it is useful when working with any technology. Some examples will be demonstrated with Python or JavaScript, but the knowledge of the languages is not required.

How will this book help me in a software development career?

Efficient developer is not a book about career in software development, so it doesn't cover topics like the interview process or salary negotiations. That being said, it will give you a lot of software development know-how that you can use at various stages of your career.

What is this book NOT about?

The book is not directly about learning programming in a particular language, it doesn't cover algorithms, data structures, software architecture nor other topics in computer science. It is about software development and software development tools that you can use once you know how to program.

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Modern Introduction to the Linux Command Line

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